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Josh Gordon Commits 238 Various Misdemeanors in One Night

Josh Gordon

Early Monday morning, Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon was arrested– again.

According to the police report, officers received a call at 2:35 a.m. from a local bar owner who informed police that Gordon was intoxicated and threatening his customers’ safety. When police arrived moments later, Gordon escaped and led officers on a six hour police chase. Over the course of those six hours, officers personally witnessed Gordon commit a staggering 238 various misdemeanors.

“At a certain point, I stopped being mad that we couldn’t catch him,” said Paul Daniels, one of the officers who pursued Gordon throughout the night. “It was almost fun to watch. It’s hard to break 238 laws in a lifetime, let alone in one night. I give the guy credit. He got pretty creative towards the end there.”

Along with driving under the influence and fleeing police, some of the other charges levied against Gordon include: possession of marijuana, public urination, reckless driving, voter fraud, blackmail, failure to report child abuse, hunting/fishing on Indian land, bribery of a public official, desecration of the American flag and failure to wear a seat belt– among several others.

“Obviously, we are not pleased with Josh’s actions,” said Brown’s owner Jimmy Haslam. “We are in the process of reviewing yesterday’s incident and once we know all the facts, the appropriate actions will be taken.”

Gordon’s latest arrest shouldn’t come as a surprise. The Browns’ star receiver is already facing a year-long suspension from the NFL after failing a second drug test, and just this month, he was arrested for DUI. While some see this as the last straw for Gordon, former NFL head coach turned NBC football analyst Tony Dungy believes the Brown’s receiver deserves a second chance.

“Josh made a few mistakes,” said Dungy. “But it’s important to give him the opportunity to learn from them. I’ve been in touch with Josh and I think I can help him in the same way I helped Mike (Vick) and others.”

Dungy is a noted mentor for players with off-the-field issues. In 2009, he was able to help the aforementioned Michael Vick gain reinstatement by the NFL, this after Vick served jail time for his role in a dog fighting scandal.

“There are a lot of guys like Josh Gordon in the league,” said Dungy. “These young men come from dark backgrounds. They’ve been struggling to stay on the right path their entire lives. All they need is some direction, but the media doesn’t understand that. You know what makes me upset? All those people out there labeling Josh a ‘distraction.’ The media has to stop forcing that narrative down our throats.”

In total, Josh Gordon faces millions of dollars in fines and 117 years in prison. The NFL plans to release a statement on the matter Thursday afternoon.

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